Just let me go.

Finally, this is a series about us [women]. -Kate Mulgrew

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reminder that Gaga is performing in space next year

just another historic first created by a bisexual women

Naya: hey I just met you

Naya: and this is crazy

Naya: but I just broke up with my fiancé three months ago and today was our wedding day

Naya: so let's get married


you know what constantly blew my mind as a child

in movies when a character is looking straight into their reflection in a mirror


how does the camera not show up in the mirror

actually never mind about the whole “as a child” business i still haven’t figured this shit out

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i think we found the opposite of nash greir

I’m glad people are seeing this

As a guy, I agree with him 100% we are dicks and we are not worth it.

this is SOOO important to understand. Don’t change yourself for others.

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Demi talking about meeting Obama the second time.

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